Baroque Tassel Cushion

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This beautiful tassel cushion will add a touch of class to any decor.  Need to spice up your lounge room?  Whip up a couple of tassel cushions for a fresh new look.  Or make a couple to match you bedroom decor for a touch of luxury.

This project is ideal if you have left over decor fabrics saved for that special project.  Or hunt around flea markets for unusual fabrics that will add a sparkle to your decor.  We have used furnishing fabrics for our cushions, but patchwork cottons would work just as well!

What you will need

> 50cm of your chosen fabric
> 2 x TAS007 - Ribtex Vivaldi Tassels 11cm Rayon Braid Gold
> 38cm Cushion Insert
> Fastener of choice e.g. zip, Velcro or buttons
> Matching Thread

Access to a Sewing Machine, Scissors and Pins

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Cut a square from your fabric measuring 40x40cm.

Step 2
Cut two rectangles from your fabric measuring 22x40cm.

Step 3
Neaten one 40cm edge of the rectangle by turning the raw edge under by 1cm twice.  Do this for both rectangles.

Step 4Diagram A
If you are using buttons as your fasteners, make two or three button holes on one of the turned under edges.

Step 5
Sew two or three buttons on the other rectangle.  Make sure you mark where the buttons need to be stitched by placing the piece with the button holes over the button section of the fabric first - see diagram A.

Step 6
If you are using a zip or Velcro as a fastener, then do so.Diagram B

Step 7
Now lay your 40x40cm square with the right side facing you on a flat surface.

Step 8
Position a tassel in each corner with the tassel 'body' facing the centre of the square - see diagram B.

Step 9
Now lay your cushion back (buttoned up) with the right side facing toward the cushion front.  Line the two pieces up and pin - see diagram C.Diagram C

Step 10
Stitch around the outside of the pinned sections with about a cm seam allowance.  When turning the corners, be careful to catch the tassel loop into the seam.

Step 11
Undo the cushion back, and turn the cushion right side out.  Press if necessary.

Step 12
Insert the 38cm cushion insert.  Button up.

Display your cushion with pride!