Be Charmed Beaded Lariat

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What you will need

> 1 TWN004 - Ribtex Twine Thread Black
> 1 x BD003 - Ribtex Be Charmed Beads with Metal Centre Red
> 1 x CHM434 - Ribtex Be Charmed Barrel Spacer Silver
> 1 x CHM430 - Ribtex Be Charmed Spacer with Red Diamante

Access to scissors

Let's Get StartedBe Charmed Lariat

Step 1
Cut three lengths of Twine Thread approximately 80cm in length.  Hold the three pieces of twine together and tie a double knot approximately 3cm from the end.

Step 2
Thread on a Barrel Spacer and then tie another double knot.  Thread on your Bead and tie another double knot.  Thread on your Red Diamante Spacer and tie another double knot.

Step 4
Repeat the sequence in reverse at the other end of the twine.  Trim excess thread.

Your Beaded Lariat is complete!