Christmas Advent Calender

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This timeless Christmas Advent Calender is a special keepsake you will want to use year after year.  Fill it with treats and enjoy the countdown to Christmas Day.

You will need

Ribtex Products
> 24 x SPB10-14 - Ribtex Mini Organza Bags Red
> 3 x BSPB10-14 - Ribtex Mini Organza Bags Red 10 pcs
> 1 x JF603 - Ribtex Spacers Round 7mm Gold
> 1 x YDF38250 - Ribtex 38mm Woven Edge Polyester Satin Ribbon (cut into 2 lengths x 44cm)
> 1 x 10mm Ribtex Christmas Ribbon 

 Other Materials
> 75cm x 110cm Hessian Fabric
> 2 x Felt Squares (Two Colours)
> 2 x 15mm Diameter Dowel 50cm long
> Assorted Christmas Embellishments and Beads
> Template to cut out your numbers and letters
> Some old cardboard (old bead packets would be ideal)
> Spray On Starch
> Hot Glue Gun
> Sewing Machine
> Needle & Thread 

Let's Get StartedExample 1

These instructions and materials are based on the products that we have used.  You may prefer to use different embellishments and fabric.

Step 1
Cut all numbers from one of the felt pieces using a template.  You will need numbers 1 to 24.

Step 2
Insert a piece of cardboard into the organza bag (this is to prevent the glue from sticking the front  and back of the bag together).  Centre the number on the front of the bag and hot glue into place.  Remove the backing card quickly to avoid it sticking to the organza bag (see Example 1).Example 2

Step 3
Cut out the felt lettering for the top and the base of the calender and put aside.

Step 4
Iron hessian with spray on starch on the wrong side.  On a flat surface, measure and cut the fabric to 100cm x 50cm.  Sew with zig zag stitch, or hand sew with long stitch, 3cms from the edge around all sides.  Fray the edges of the hessian to this line of sewing (see example 2).

Step 5Example 3
On the wrong side of the hessian, sew the 38mm ribbon strips to the top and bottom, starting at the stitched line (see example 3).  This becomes the casing for the dowel.  The fabric is now ready to attach the organza bags.

Step 6
Place bags evenly on fabric, leaving 14cm from the row of stitching beneath the top frayed edge, and 10cms from the row of stitching above the bottom frayed edge.

Step 7
Glue the bags into place.  Glue top centre of bag, just below the stitching line, and press into place.  Ensure you do not press the front of the bag to the back to avoid sticking.  On the back of the bag, place two spots of glue on either side near the base of the bag so that it stays supported (see example 4).

Step 8
Decorate the top and base of the Calender.  Glue the lettering into place and attach the embellishments and beads with hot glue gun.Example 4

Step 9
Slide one piece of dowel through the casing at the top and one through the casing at the bottom.

Step 10
Cut the 10mm ribbon to 60cm, or longer if desired.  Tie the ribbon to each end of the top piece of dowel.

Step 11
To keep the dowel pieces from sliding, hot glue each end to the ribbon casing.

Step 12
Fill with organza bags with confectionery or treats.

Your Christmas Advent Calender is complete!