Crystal Creation

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What you will need

> 1 x JF811 - Ribtex Three Hole Diamante Spacer Gold
> 3 x GB352 - Ribtex Glass Round Faceted Bead Mix 6-8mm Crystal AB
> 3 x GB007 - Ribtex Glass Bicones 8mm Crystal AB
> 1 x ST05CL - Ribtex Stretch Thread Clear

Access to Scissors and a Bead Board

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Cut three 30cm lengths of stretch thread and lay out horizontally on a flat surface.  Open the glass beads and separate the 6mm and 8mm round faceted beads.

Step 2
Begin by threading the middle row as follows:  6 x 8mm glass bicones, thread through the centre hole of the straight spacer bar, 5 x 8mm round beads, thread through the centre hole of the next straight spacer, 5 x 8mm glass bicones, add another straight spacer bar, 6 x 6mm round beads and end with the spacer bar.

Step 3
Repeat the pattern adding the beaded strands to the two outside holes of the spacer bars.  Check the length against your wrist.  Add more beads if it needs to be longer or remove beads if it is too long.  When the threading of the beads is complete, carefully bring the corresponding ends together and tie them securely.  Use a double knot so that the stretch thread does not unravel.  Tug the knot into the centre channel of the bead closest to the knot.  Snip off excess 'tails'.

Your Crystal Creation if complete - wear with style!