Glamourous Choker

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Whether you are dressing for the races or a party this choker adds 'Glam' to any get up!

What you will need

> 1 x GB003 - Ribtex 8mm Glass Bicones Black
> 1 x GB301 - Ribtex 10mm Glass Round Faceted Beads Black
> 1 x GFP002 - Ribtex Glass Faceted Teardrop Pendant Black
> 1 x JF211 - Ribtex 6mm Diamante Rondel Silver
> 1 x JF802 - Ribtex Pendant Bale 20mm Bright Silver
> 1 x JF821 - Ribtex Hollow Velvet Cord
> 1 x JF823 - Ribtex Memory Wire Neck Size

Access to Ribtex Cutter Pliers (JF165) & Ribtex Round Nose Pliers (JF166)

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Cut a piece of memory wire approximately 50cm long.  Using the pliers turn one end of the neck ring into a small loop to prevent the velvet cord slipping off the end.

Step 2
Cut two pieces of hollow velvet tube each approximately 23cm long.  Feed one piece onto the memory wire until it meets the turned loop of wire.  Attach the bale to the top of the teardrop feature.

Step 3
Onto the wire feed a round faceted bead, a diamante rondele, a glass bicone and then the teardrop feature, then the beads again in reverse order.  Feed the second piece of velvet tube onto the wire. Trim any excess and turn the end into a loop.

Your Glamourous Choker is complete!  Wear and impress!