Glamourous Gloves

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What you will need

> 1 x B-WED044 - Stretch Satin Gloves 22cm Black
> 1 x SWK101 - Swarovski Crystal Bicones 4mm Crystal AB
> 1 x SWK201 - Swarovski Crystal Bicones 6mm Crystal AB

Access to clear monofilament thread, needle and scissors

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Cut a length of thread approximately 30cm long.  Thread needle and knot the end.

Step 2
Stitch the thread in place on the inside of the glove.

Step 3
Thread 4 x 4mm and 3 x 6mm Crystal beads alternately onto the thread stitching them in place along the edge of the glove.  Repeat for the second glove.

Wear and Impress!