Heart Charm Bracelet

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What you will need

> 1 x JF339 - Ribtex Bracelet Twisted Oval Link 9 x 6mm Silver
> 1 X FLB025 - Ribtex Foil Lined Round 10mm Blue Stripe
> 1 x FLB029 - Ribtex Foil Lined Square 12x12mm Blue Stripe
> 1 x FW110 - Ribtex Freshwater Pearls Rich Jade
> 1 x SHE301 - Ribtex Shell Cubes Turquoise
> 1 x JF572 - Ribtex Charm Heart 15x16mm Bright Silver
> 1 x JF600 - Ribtex Spacer Round 4mm Bright Silver
> 1 x JF114 - Ribtex Jump Rings 4mm Silver
> 1 x JF351 - Ribtex Head Pins Silver

Access to Ribtex Cutting Pliers (JF165), Round Nose Pliers (JF166), Flat Nose Pliers (JF167) and a bead board

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Open the  bracelet and lay it out flat on the bead board.  Open the bead packs and place in storage sections of the bead board.

Step 2
Thread a 4mm spacer onto a head pin followed by a square foil lined bead followed by another 4mm spacer.  Cut the excess off the head pin, leaving approximately 7mm of pin.  Turn the end of the head pin into a loop, adding a jump ring before closing securely.

Step 3
Make five more square foil lined bead units (to make six in total).  Repeat the process to make six round foil lined bead units. 

Step 4
Using the above method, thread  on an assortment of bright silver spacers, freshwater pearls and shells onto head pins to make 12 to 15 units.  These units will be best if they are randomly created.  Some suggestions are as follows:  two spacers followed by a pearl and two more spacers, one spacer followed by a shell and another spacer, one shell cube and one pearl.

Step 5
Attach a jump ring to six of the silver hearts.

Step 6
Position the hearts and bead units along the chain.  Working on one unit at a time, open the jump ring and attach each unit to the chain link and close the jump ring securely.

Your bracelet is complete!