Potpourri Bag

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Potpourri Bag

What you will need:

> 1 x SPB17-13 - Ribtex Organza Bag Small 17x12.5cm Purple
> 1 x BT033 - Ribtex Beaded Trim 45mm Lavender 1m
> 1 x CEO24LV-50M - Ribtex 24mm Cut Edge Organza Ribbon Lavender 50m
> 1 x TAS023 - Ribtex Tassel Rayon 5cm Aubergine 4pcs
> 1 x FL52 - Ribtex Blossoms Velvet Oak Leaf
> 1 x FL03029 - Ribtex Blossoms Rose Petal with Leaves White
> 1 x GB104 - Ribtex Bead Glass Bicone 6mm Lavender
> 1 x GB120 - Ribtex Bead Glass Bicone 6mm Crystal
> 1 x CHM209 - Ribtex Spacer Ball Bead 8mm Silver
> 1 x JF446 - Ribtex Charm Double Swirl Silver
> Matching Cotton Thread
> Potpourri

Access to Scissors, Fine Sewing Needle and Sewing Machine (optional)

Let's get started:

1.  Cut a length of beaded trim to fit the bottom edge of the organza bag.

2.  Hand or machine stitch in place, ensuring that ends are tidied off.

3.  Fill organza bag with potpourri and secure drawstring ribbon with a knot.

4.  Cut a 1m length of organza ribbon and tie a single knot around the top of the organza bag, be sure to leave the ends loose.

5.  Seperate the leaves and arrange three to form a base for your floral arrangement.

6.  Seperate out three of the rose petals and arrange over the leaves.

7.  Twist wire of all leaves and petals into a single stem and double this over.  Loop the ends of the tassel over the stem of your floral arrangement.

8.  Thread needle and secure with a single crystal bicone to hold in place.  Thread a mix of beads and spacers 9-10cm in length, then thread on a charm.  Loop the thread back up through all beads and then use thread to secure to tassel.

9.  Tie the floral arrangement, with tassel and beads, onto the organza bag using the organza ribbon.  Tie in a bow to finish.

10.  Adjust flowers and leaves until you are happy with your arrangement.