Ruby Passion Necklace

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What you will need

> 1 x GFP005 - Ribtex Glass Heart Pendant 35mm Red
> 1 x GB020 - Ribtex Glass Bicones 8mm Crystal
> 1 x CKL008 - Ribtex Glass Crackle Round 6-10mm Red
> 1 x GB709 - Ribtex Glass Faceted Round 14mm Crystal
> 1 x GB719 - Ribtex Glass Hearts 13x13mm Red
> 1 x JF802 - Ribtex Pendant Bale 20mm Silver
> 1 x JF861 - Ribtex Twisted Oval Link Chain 4x6mm Bright Silver
> 1 x JF602 - Ribtex Spacer 7mm Round Bright Silver
> 1 x JF183 - Ribtex Head Pins Silver

Access to Ribtex Cutter Pliers (JF165) and Round Nose Pliers (JF166)

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Using your two sets of pliers, separate 8 pieces of chain, each measuring approximately 6cm.  It is not important that each section of chain be exactly the same length.  Variation is fine.  Set the sections of chain aside.

Step 2
Thread a selection of beads onto 8 different head pins.  It is most effective if the beads are random.  Do not overfill the head pins.  Turn the end of the head pin into a loop, but do not close the loop completely.  Cut off the 'head' from the opposite end of the pin and turn this end into a loop, but do not close completely.

Step 3
Join the lengths of chain to the looped head pins.  Close the head pin loops to secure the beaded sections to the chain.  Set the last length of chain aside.  Attach a pendant bale to the feature heart then thread the last length of chain through the bale.  This length of chain can now be attached to the rest of the sections to complete the circle.

Congratulations - your necklace is complete!