Simply Precious

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A twist of pearls at the neck and wrist is a fashion classic, and you can make these twisted freshwater pearl pieces in no time at all.

What you will need

> 14 x FW101 - Ribtex Freshwater Pearls Ivory
> 5 x FW102 - Ribtex Freshwater Pearls Pink
> 1 x JF247 - Ribtex Non Stretch Nylon Beading Thread
> 1 x JF203 - Ribtex Heart Toggle Silver
> 1 x JF138 - Ribtex 2mm Round Crimpers Silver

Access to Ribtex round Nose Pliers (JF166)

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Necklace (approximately 46cm when completed)
Cut 1.2m of beading thread.  Pass one end through the crimp bead and the small hole of the toggle and back through the crimp bead.  Centre the toggle on the piece of beading thread.  Cut 70cm length of beading thread and pass it through the crimp, the toggle and back through the crimp.  then squeeze the crimp bead with pliers to firmly close off the crimp with three beads hanging securely from it.

Step 2
Thread two of these strands with 50cm of Ivory Freshwater Pearls, and the other strand with 50cm of Pink Freshwater Pearls.

Step 3
Take the two strands of Ivory Freshwater Pearls and tie the two ends of the beading thread pieces together, as close to the pearls as possible.  Now twist the strands of Ivory Freshwater Pearls, and wrap the strand of Pink Freshwater Pearls around the twisted Ivory strands.  Continue to do this until you have a tight, even twist (or a loose twist if you prefer).

Step 4
Pass all three pieces of beading thread through a crimp, the small loop at the other end of the toggle and back through the crimp.  Squeeze the crimp bead with pliers to firmly close off the crimp and cut off excess thread.

Step 5
Bracelet (approximately 20cm when completed)
Cut 50cm of beading thread, and another piece 25cm long.  Repeat as for the necklace above (Steps 1 - 4) with these shorted strands, using proportionally less Freshwater Pearls to make the bracelet.

Wear with pride!

Use your imagination to create other great colour combinations (we have pictured a bracelet made from Green and Copper Freshwater Pearls).