Tribal Wrap Memory Wire Bracelet

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Here is a simple project that will update your wardrobe with one of the latest trends.  Go wild with Tribal!  We have used a selection of glass beads mostly in amber and black to achieve this result.  However you can change the theme by simply changing the colours.  Why not try clear crystal beads with white pearls for a super elegant look?  The technique is simple...

What you will need

> 1 x JF212 - Ribtex Memory Wire Bracelet Size
> 1 x FLB051 - Ribtex Glass Foil Lined Oval 10x20mm Amber/Black
> 1 x FLB056 - Ribtex Glass Foil Lined Square 12mm Bronze
> 1 x FLB058 - Ribtex Glass Foil Lined Round 10mm Bronze
> 1 x GPL307 - Ribtex Glass Pearls 8mm Black
> 1 x GB859 - Ribtex Glass Tube 5x20mm Amber
> 1 x GB860 - Ribtex Glass Faceted Diamonds 7x15mm Black
> 1 x GB863 - Ribtex Glass Oval 6x8mm Dark Amber
> 1 x GB875 - Ribtex Glass Oval 7x10mm Light Amber
> 1 x GB888 - Ribtex Glass Oval 20x35mm Speckled Gold

Access to Ribtex Cutter Pliers (JF165) and Round Nose Pliers (JF166)

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Cut approximately 6 turns of memory wire and cut.

Step 2
Using the round nose pliers, turn one end of the memory wire into a small loop.  This will prevent your beads from sliding off as you thread them onto the wire.

Step 3
Open your beads and mix them randomly on a bead board or hand towel (to stop them rolling away).  Keep the large oval speckled gold bead aside.  this will become your feature bead.

Step 4
Start threading the beads onto the memory wire.  Once you are about half way along the wire add the large oval speckled bead.  Then continue threading the remainder of the beads onto the wire.

Step 5
Once you have achieved the desired number of turns, simple snip off the excess wire, leaving approximately 7mm.  Turn into a loop to secure the beads.

Your Tribal Wrap is complete! 

You can also use this technique to make napkin holders to brighten up your next dinner party.  Simply reduce the number turns of memory wire and add your favourite selection of beads.