Wine Glass Rings

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Wine Glass Rings are an easy and stylish way to brighten up your next dinner party, and you will never have to wonder which glass is yours again... Hand made individual Wine Glass Rings make a great gift idea too.

What you will need

> 1 x JF124 - Ribtex Wine Glass Rings Silver
> 1 x JF114 - Ribtex Jump Rings 4mm Silver
> A selection of Ribtex Charms
> A selection of Ribtex Beads

Access to Ribtex Cutter Pliers (JF165) and Round Nose Pliers (JF166)

Let's Get Started

Step 1
Take one of the Wine Glass Rings and open it up.  Using the Pliers gently straighten the end of the Wine Glass Ring that slides into the closure loop, so that you can slip the beads onto the Wine Glass Ring. 

Step 2
Add a selection of beads and findings onto your Wine Glass Ring - let your imagination guide you.

Step 3
Make more elaborate drop designs by threading beads onto a head pin.  Leaving approximately 7mm trim excess wire with cutter pliers, and form a loop at the end of the pin with round nose pliers.  Attach to your Wine Glass Ring with a jump ring. 

Step 4
Using the pliers gently bend the end of the Wine Glass Ring back to a 90 degree angle and close the Wine Glass Ring.

Step 5
Repeat to make as many Wine Glass Rings as you need.